My Services

Would you like one-to-one support, tailored to the needs of your baby/child and family?

I offer consultancy services for sleep issues, baby or toddler parenting support (including potty training and separation anxiety), bespoke play packages for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and tailor-made home education curriculums.


NEW! Fast-acting support calls are now available via Zoom or phonecall. Perfect for parents who need support or advice on any issue relating to baby, toddler or preschooler parenting* - or just need a little reassurance! You will leave the call feeling empowered and listened to, with actionable steps that you can take straight away. 

£45 per call

*Please note, I am not able to give medical or breastfeeding advice. 

Sleeping Baby

Sleep Support

I offer bespoke sleep packages, from detailed daily support to one-off consultations.

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Parenting Support

From trouble with separation anxiety to tantrums, biting and hitting...I offer bespoke packages to help you and your baby or toddler live happier lives.

Red Head Baby

Education & Play

Grow your little one's brain and develop their confidence with my tailor-made play plans and home education curriculums. Choose from one-off or monthly plans to suit you.